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Sophie Cantley

February 8, 2021 4:00 PM
Bondi Clinic
Sophie Cantley
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Louisa Cantley

Tibetan Mastiff

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February 8, 2021
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Sophie Cantley

Got in Hong Kong when she was 1 year old - long stay at the adoption centre.

Has always been super athletic and healthy.

Living in Taiwan - O came home one day and a disc had slipped and burst.

Lack of use of hind, had extensive acupuncture, wasn't a candidate for surgery, had a wheelchair.

RHL is worse than LHL.

Is able to walk sort of but is very wobbly.

Gets hotspots, that she licks consistently - not sure where they come from.

Sees Flavia every 2 weeks for the past year - responds really to acupuncture.

Diet - raw food, K9 natural, raw eggs, gabapentin 100mg x 4 per day, O gives probiotics.

Flexicose supplement, slippery elm - digestive health, echinacea + marshmellow root for UTIs and immunity, had a tumour removed from near her vagina in 2019. Often on antibiotics for UTIs.

Incontinence is quite good, seems to be able to hold but doesn't seem to empty completely, pooing is quite good - 1 a day every morning - generally knows she is pooing occasionally.

Chow chow x german shepherd x husky.

Sophie did very well in the hydro - needed quite a lot of support but hopefully with strengthening she will be able to walk better.

Address - 2 village lower rd vaucluse

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February 8, 2021