Intervertebral Disc Disease Rehabilitation & Maintenance with Cinnamon

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Meet Cinnnamon

Cinnamon suffered IVDD in May 2020 and received surgery to correct the issue. Following surgery Cinnamon could not use her hind limbs and was unable to walk (paraplegia in hind limbs).

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Hydrotherapy has helped Cinnamon be able to walk again and enjoy a high quality of life. Hydrotherapy allowed Cinnamon to retrain her walk and relearn the pattern and rhythm of walking despite having poor proprioception and feeling in her hind limbs.

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Annika Le Rade

Annika Le Rade

Canine Wellness Expert & Animal Scientist

In partnership with:

Sydney Veterinary Emergency & Specialists

Sydney Veterinary Emergency & Specialists

675 Botany Rd, Rosebery NSW 2018, Australia

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Hydrotherapy Session (initial)

45 minutes

A thorough initial assessment, followed by therapeutic session in the underwater treadmill.

48 Bennett Street, Bondi