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Lola Neale

September 7, 2020 1:00 PM
Bondi Clinic
Lola Neale
Annika Le Rade


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Lola Neale


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September 7, 2020
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Bondi Clinic

Lola Neale

Lola has sudden onset pain in LHL - RHL cruciate was ruptured 18 months ago, no surgery. Cervical, thoracic and lumbar pain probable - ensure to handle with caution.

Age: 13 years

Long time history of patella issues.

Did LHL cruciate on Aug 7 2020 - jumping onto couch and being overexcited about owners being home

Suspected OA in hips, knees, spine + meniscal injury

Food: Ziwipeak

Stone floor - doesn't seem to slip too much.

Time: 10mins

Distance: 0.16

Speed: 0.6-0.8

Walked really well, short stepping on LHL - seems to be sore. RHL really began to loosen up and step well under body. Was anxious to being with but really calmed into it and seemed almost happy towards the end.

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September 7, 2020