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Remedial Massage & Physical Therapy

5 Surprising Facts About Canine Massage!

Did you know these incredible facts about canine massage?

3 big ideas


Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety

Massage helps your dog stimulate their parasympathetic nervous system, which de-stresses the body.


Reduce blood pressure and heart-rate

Stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system has been shown to reduce blood pressure and heart rate, both associated with stress and anxiety


Improve body circulation

Massage stimulates the circulatory system thus improving rate of uptake of nutrients from the digestive system, while improved blood flow sends muscles oxygen rich blood


Release and remove waste from your dog’s body

The body removes metabolic waste via the lymphatic system. Massage stimulates this system thus increasing rate of waste removal. Healthy lymph flow is also vital for a strong immune system since the 2 systems are intertwined


Lubricating and releasing muscles and fascia

Massage helps the body to lubricate the layer of connective tissue called fascia. In doing so all muscles are able to move together more effectively without stiffness or tightening

Remedial Massage & Physical Therapy

Remedial Massage & Physical Therapy
Did you know these incredible facts about canine massage?

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Annika Le Rade

Annika Le Rade

June 2020
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