Cruciate Ligament Rehabilitation with Monti

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Meet Monti
Jack Russell Terrier

Monti is a small Jack Russell Terrier who suffered a ruptured cruciate ligament. Surgery was performed to repair the injury, however following the surgery Monti was very adverse to using the surgery leg and instead would just carry the leg around in the air and get around on 3 legs. She was very sad and not her usual happy and cheeky self.

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Following hydrotherapy treatment, Monti is now happily using all legs again and is back to being her cheeky fun loving self. She is now able to go out on her group walks with her dog walker and doggie friends and play and run around off leash as she was able to do prior to her injury.

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Annika Le Rade

Annika Le Rade

Canine Wellness Expert & Animal Scientist

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Animal Doctors Waverley

Animal Doctors Waverley

300 Bronte Rd, Waverley NSW 2024

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Hydrotherapy Session (initial)

45 minutes

A thorough initial assessment, followed by therapeutic session in the underwater treadmill.

48 Bennett Street, Bondi