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So ... what is hydrotherapy and how does it help your dog?

Here are 6 common ways hydrotherapy helps your best friend live a happier, healthy life.

3 big ideas


Arthritis management

Hydrotherapy is a fantastic exercise option for elderly dogs with osteoarthritis.  The warm water and hydrostatic pressure helps soothe aching joints, while the resistance when walking through water helps strengthen muscles surrounding the joints.


Weight loss with low risk of injury

Often being overweight for a dog, especially a large one can be a vicious cycle. Dog is overweight so on-land exercise is taxing and can cause sore limbs and joints, thus leading to further weight gain due to inactivity.


Productive post-surgery rehab

Ideal form of exercise for post surgery dogs as the low impact environment allows dogs to begin exercising again ASAP without the risk of re-injury.

The hydrostatic pressure from the water also aides in reduction of swelling around the surgery site.


Pre-surgery conditioning & general fitness

Ideal for conditioning and improving fitness of dogs either for everyday life, competition such as agility or for making sure your best friend has the best chance at recovery post surgery by going into the surgery fighting fit and not overweight.


Assist in quality of life for ageing and immobile dogs

The underwater treadmill is ideal for dogs with mobility issues as by adjusting the level of the water in the tub, an almost weightless environment can be created, therefore letting immobile dogs walk.

This is fantastic as it creates a flow on effect, the dog builds fitness and muscle tone in the underwater treadmill and therefore becomes stronger and may become more mobile on land.


Mental stimulation

Although not generally used for this purpose, if needed the underwater treadmill can actually be used as a swimming pool for smaller dogs, providing a diverse range of activities and fitness exercises.

Here are 6 common ways hydrotherapy helps your best friend live a happier, healthy life.

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Annika Le Rade

Annika Le Rade

June 2020
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