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April 27, 2021 11:01 AM
Bondi Clinic
Annika Le Rade


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Bub Lonsdale


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Bub - 10 year old Pug

Stroke in December - lost mobility completely - for first couple of weeks, slowly started to crawl back.

In hospital at Sydney Uni Vet for approximately 2 weeks.

RHL has been slowest to come back in to control

Physiotherapy at Sydney Uni Vet with American lady vet + specialist -

  • Balance work
  • Using a yoga mat as a peanut ball
  • Initially all legs were very stiff, but could be flexed and bent with assistance
  • use stretchy bands to help assist walk
  • strap helps
  • Balance work - steadily getting better,
  • Tried to run this past week.

Exercise - pre stroke Bub did

Diet - Turkey + Ham, Kibble

Supplements - MCT capsules, OSTEO Blackmores tablets.

Hip dysplasia in back right hip

Has bowel and bladder control - and doesn't wee when he gets excited.

Did really well in the tub, little reluctant and very stubborn but did walk eventually.

Gets tired very easily.

Send email to Wendy to update her on his progress - today was really about getting him accustomed to everything.

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April 27, 2021