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5 ways to ensure your new fur baby doesn't grow up to be a monster!

Recently get a new furry family member to keep you company during COVID?

3 big ideas


Crate training

This will come in handy with a number of puppy training challenges.

  • Firstly, It will help with house training, it will give your puppy their own “safe place” to go and chill out and relax in.
  • Secondly, it provides 2 way protection by stopping your puppy getting into potentially dangerous things such as poisonous cleaning products etc, while also protecting your items from being destroyed by your puppy.
  • Finally, it will help them stay calm and relaxed if they ever need to be crated, for example at the groomer, or the vet or if they are on rest post-surgery.

Healthy Socialisation

It is vital to socialise your puppy to encourage and help them grow into a calm, relaxed and adjustable grown up dog. Playing, walking and spending time in the space with other dogs teaches social etiquette – much like humans!

What better place to do this than Hound Health Day Retreat - where your puppy/dog will be exposed to new environments, smells and friends while in the safety of a fully supervised pet care facility.

Etiquette in action - watch: 'The Play Bow'


Sleeping in the bed?

This is a big one to consider! Again - much like humans, anything they learn in the early days will become their 'normal'.

As cute as your new puppy is, remember that if you let your puppy sleep in your bed with you now, then this is what they will grow up knowing and expecting.

While there is nothing wrong with co-pet sleeping, some people can find it disruptive and dangerous (especially if you have a very small dog or puppy) and so this is something to consider before letting puppy curl up next to you for the night.


Adequate Exercise as an outlet

If you want a happy, calm and non-anxious puppy than making sure your pup gets enough exercise and stimulation in their day is essential. We get it, we're all busy with full time work, perhaps pickup & drop-off to school before and after a long day at work.

While many people find it hard to make consistent time to take their new pup for a walk, Hound Health Day Retreat can fill in those missed days for you, including complimentary pick-up and drop off so you won't have to lift a finger!

Let us take care of your pup for the day in a safe, fun environment. They’ll enjoy a day full of adventures with friends and will come home to you in the evening exhausted and ready for a snooze.


Boredom Busting & Behaviour

Just like young children, young puppies resort to 'ratty' behaviour when bored. How many pairs of shoes, legs of furniture, cushions have been sacrificed so far when they have 8 perfectly good chew toys as an alternate to that brand new designer cushion?

Keeping your puppy stimulated and entertained especially while at home is the best way to avoid bad behaviour.

There are a variety of tools to use to beat boredom, including snuffle mats, treat dispensing toys and taking your pup out for a walk.

Of course it can be difficult constantly entertaining your puppy, which is another great reason for Hound Health to keep your puppy entertained, stimulated and social with other likeminded pups. Boredom Busted - guaranteed!

Bondi Day Retreat

Bondi Day Retreat
Recently get a new furry family member to keep you company during COVID?

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Annika Le Rade

Annika Le Rade

June 2020
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