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Olive Rosenberg

August 20, 2021 2:37 PM
Bondi Clinic
Olive Rosenberg
Annika Le Rade


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Olive Rosenberg

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August 20, 2021
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Olive Rosenberg

Olive is 18 month old French Bulldog

Olive has has Patella surgery on RHL 5 weeks ago Vet Specialists of Sydney - VSOS

Is walking well on the leg but occasionally will skip when going faster.

Using Synovan - preventative reasons potential Osteoarthritis in future

Diet - Blackhawk Biscuits kangaroo + chicken, wet food - mince beef or chicken, and veges.

Supplements - Antinol

Exercise - Pre - surgery: 2-3 hours exercise a day + goes out morning + night. Off leash at the park, on leash on streets - likes to to play quite rough and likes to  chase.

Doesn't like to swim, likes to run around.

Jumps on and off, but O have tried to reduce this since surgery.

RHL has some atrophy in gluteals - hamstrings - quads.

NO other underlying health issues

Recovery stage
1. surgery



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August 20, 2021