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Sydney's Eastern Suburbs professional canine hydrotherapy clinic

Help your best friend move better for longer

Effective for post-surgery rehabilitation
Build strength & maintain muscle tone
Ideal for arthritic & elderly dogs

4 ways hydrotherapy actually helps

Helping Vets & Patients

Partnering with vets for post-surgery rehabilitation, the ‘hydrostatic pressure’ helps to relieve swelling & painful joints.

Safe & Steady

Water provides buoyancy, relieving the impact on joints & the musculoskeletal system. This allows muscle tone to be built without risking injury.

Arthritis Management

Perfect for maintaining muscle tone, relieving swelling & joint pain for arthritic & older dogs.

Efficient, Safe Weight-loss

A dog-equivalent of safe high-resistance, low impact interval training, without the jarring effects of regular exercise.

Annika has grown up with a passion and love for animals - especially dogs.

qualifications INCLUDE

  • Bachelor of Animal Science
  • Level 3 Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy
  • Certificate in Canine Remedial Massage
  • Certificate in Canine First Aid
More about Annika

Success stories

We're proud our rehabilitation patients' roads to recovery with us. Here are their stories!

Cruciate Ligament Rehabilitation with Monti

After surgery, Monti would just carry the leg around in the air and get around on 3 legs and not her usual happy, cheeky self.

Monti's Story

Bi-lateral Cruciate Ligament Rupture Rehabilitation with Willow

Following surgery Willow was suffering atrophy of the hind limbs and reluctance to use the surgery leg.

Willow's Story

Intervertebral Disc Disease Rehabilitation & Maintenance with Cinnamon

Following surgery Cinnamon could not use her hind limbs and was unable to walk (paraplegia in hind limbs).

Meet Cinnnamon

A day in the life of your pup at The Hound Health Day Retreat


Morning pick-up from home in the Hound Taxi with Day Retreat friends .


Morning play and meet & greet with the day’s retreat guests.


Excursion time. Dogs are taken out for walk and playtime in one of the many beautiful locations around the east.


Back to the hound quarters to recharge, recuperate and relax.


Excursion time.
Dogs are taken out for their afternoon walk and playtime.


Structured individual and/or group playtime, or if your pup would rather rest, they can have a time-out nap. 


Afternoon drop-off home in the Hound Taxi

4 promises from us that guarantee your dog will come home happier & healthier after each visit

Safe & friendly

You can relax knowing your dog is getting all the love & attention they need while you’re at work, or out for the day.

Small & exclusive

Small groups, behaviour-vetted & fun. The exclusive love and attention your dog deserves is our promise to you.

Mentally stimulating

Mental stimulation by exploring new surroundings, new smells, new dogs and new people while also seeing and engaging in safe play with their doggy friends.

Variety & high-quality

With 2x outings with each visit, your dog will experience different terrains & stimulating new environments,
before returning to an abundant turfed backyard

We are amazed how weekly hydrotherapy has had such a positive impact on Molly over the last few weeks. She’s almost like a new dog. I can’t recommend Annika’s work highly enough.

Trudi & Andy

Book Your Hydrotherapy Session Now

Hydrotherapy Session

30 minutes

A 30-minute therapeutic session inside an underwater treadmill

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$120 initial | $99 return
48 Bennett Street, Bondi

Hydrotherapy & Remedial Massage Session

45-60 minutes

Initial wellness assessment, underwater treadmill for low-impact, followed by a remedial massage.

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$140 initial | $110 return
48 Bennett Street, Bondi

Book Physical Therapy & Remedial Massage

Physical Therapy & Remedial Massage Session

45 Minutes

Remedial massage with a personalised wellness guide and recommended next steps.

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48 Bennett Street, Bondi

One-on-one Movement & Mobility Session

60 minutes

One-on-one 45 minute private exercise session with your Canine Wellness Expert, followed by a 45 minute Physical Therapy & Mobility Session.

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48 Bennett Street, Bondi

The Day Retreat

8:30am – 5:30pm


Including meals, pick-up & drop off

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Good to know

Pick-up time is a window between 7:30-8:30am
Drop-off time is a window between 5:30-6:30pm
Accredited Animal expert & safe handling practices
Police check, public liability & professional indemnity insurance cover
Running late? Need to leave early? With a police check, our clients trust us to pick-up and drop-off even if you’re not at home.

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