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Healthy Habits Dietary Program

Is your dog overweight? Vets say 50% of Australian dogs are!

As a loving owner, here are 5 ways you can help your dog maintain their physical health and longevity.

3 big ideas

Recent studies in both America and Australia have indicated that approximately 50% of dogs are overweight, something many vets are calling a modern crisis!


Be sure to feed your dog a balanced diet, with emphasis on quality over quantity.

One of the leading causes of obesity in pets is over feeding and feeding the wrong types of food. Our friends over at My Companion are creating individually curated meals specialised for each individual dog. Owners are able to design delicious, nutritious meals that are delivered fresh and in pre-packed portions.

What better way to take the guess work out of feeding your best friend!


Reduce joint impact with hydrotherapy underwater treadmill weight-loss sessions.

Hydrotherapy at Hound Health is a fantastic way to help your overweight pet begin their journey to becoming a slimmer, happier and more active dog. Excess weight places additional impact and strain on joints which can make regular walks difficult, however kick starting your dog's weight-loss journey with hydro will reduce this strain thanks to the buoyancy of the water. Sessions are more rigorous and so the equivalent of a 1 hour normal walk can generally be done in approximately 20 minutes on the under water treadmill.


Try rewarding your pets with praise, attention and toys rather than food treats.

Our dogs crave our love and attention, when using positive reinforcement training to train your dog consider mixing up the regular food treats that many people often give, with praise such as cuddles and belly scratches, or by giving them their favourite toy. It is of course ok to also give food treats to your dog, however keep in mind that these treats will be contributing to your dogs daily calorie intake.


Feed your dog the recommended portion size suitable for their lifestyle.

Many owners are tricked into overfeeding their dogs with the big puppy dog eyes are hungry pooches often give us. Be strong in these instances and remember that over-feeding is actually harming your best friend, provided they are receiving a nutritious, balanced diet than there is no need for extra food. Also, dogs like children can be very fussy eaters at time, if your dog is a fussy eater be strong willed and don't provide them with an alternative. By craving in to their fussy eating habits, you are in fact reinforcing this behaviour, making the pattern much harder to break in the future.


Commit to a healthy lifestyle for your best friend to ensure a long and active life together.

If you want longevity for your best friend, it is vital to keep them at a healthy weight. Just like with us humans, when dogs become overweight all the body systems and organs are put under additional stress making every day functions that much harder. With this comes a world of health issues, such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and high blood pressure, just to name a few. Be a responsible pet owner and keep your best friend fighting fit by adhering to these Hound Health tips!

Healthy Habits Dietary Program

Healthy Habits Dietary Program
As a loving owner, here are 5 ways you can help your dog maintain their physical health and longevity.

Bonus Pro tip!

Can you tell if your dog is overweight?

To check:

  1. Stand above your pet and look down
  2. Their waist (between their abdomen and hips) should taper in
  3. You should be able to easily feel their ribs and spine.
  4. If you can't feel or see these things, than I'm sorry to say, but your pet is likely over-weight!
Annika Le Rade

Annika Le Rade

June 2020
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